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Angular Javascript Engineers while learning Ionic Development along the way!

Madison, WI
Angular Javascript’ing while learning Ionic Development along the way! 
Here at Blueline Consulting, we have been working on a Top Secret company initiatives to build an important transportation product in Madison, WI.   We are now ready to open the door to our idea, while involving only the best and brightest.
Currently on the team, we are a small but talented group:  Josh Massey, CEO, Founder of Blueline in Chicago 6 years ago.   With his recruitment lead, we’ve built an all-star design, architecture & branding team out of Chicago.   Now for the Engineers to make it all come together!!  
Do you have Angular.JS talent?  Would you like to be part of something with unlimited market potential that will disrupt the transportation world as we know it?
We are building a small team of Engineers with 1+ years of development experience on an Internship to Hire situation.    We’re entrenched in the Madison Startup Community and you will be soon, if you join our team working out of 100state!  You will learn from some the top Mobil Engineering talent in the Midwest and become part our culture.
To give you an idea of our product, we’re building using Ionic Framework, AWS, Angular.JS. 
UberX? Nope.  Lyft-like? Notta.  Limo?  Nope.  Cab?  Definitely not.  He’s not just a driver, he’s an ALFRED! 
Leaning on our new Wisconsin legislation around Transportation Network Services, we provide a Safe/Secure transportation solution? YES. 
But moreover, prepare yourself for a riding experience. 
Meet Alfred.  If invited by one of our trusted corporate and individual promoters, you’re in luck, you’ll meet him soon. 
www.ridealfred.com is currently a placeholder, Ionic Development is in progress..
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